Flexible File Protection Methods


If It’s Easy, They Will Use It!

Seclore Rights Management is built on the philosophy that securing files should be as easy and seamless as possible – both for administrators and the users.

With both automated and one-click manual protection methods, we’ve made the act (and art) of sharing secured files so seamless, you’ll barely know it’s there!

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Dynamically Onboard New Recipients

With a single click, you can onboard new recipients to receive protected files.

If you send a protected file to a group of users and one isn’t onboarded, Seclore’s innovative Dynamic Access Request adds the recipient to the process with a single click by the recipient and the sender.

Automatic File Protection: Integration with Enterprise Applications

Files or reports can be instantly protected as they are discovered, shared or downloaded from your enterprise applications such as DLP, EFSS, ECM, ERP and transactional systems.

By extending existing enterprise apps with automated data-centric security, you can ensure that more of your sensitive files are protected.

Automatic File Protection: Dropping a File into a Hot Folder

Existing (network-shared or desktop) folders can be configured to become ‘Seclore Hot Folders’. All files dropped, created, or saved in the Hot Folder get protected instantly. The protection persists with the document forever, even after it is taken out of the folder.

Most users already use network shares to store and share files. Hence, configuring a folder on the file server means zero change in the user experience.

Easily Secure Email Text and Attachments

Sending an email is easy. Securing the email text and attachment should be easy too.

Just click Seclore It! in the email ribbon to enable protection options. You can secure attachments and the email body. Email security can also be enabled by default or mandated upon users.

Automatically Protect Files as they are Closed

For those who want truly die-hard security, a file can be protected as soon as it is closed and saved to disk. Protection options can be displayed as soon as the file is closed – or preconfigured policies can be applied automatically without prompting the user.

Secure Files Ad-Hoc with a Right Click

Protection can be applied by simply right-clicking on a file and clicking protect. Just two clicks. A lifetime of security.


See File Protection Methods in Action

Flexibility is key when it comes to protecting files. In this demo we will showcase the various ways you can add data-centric security to a file from automated to ad-hoc methods.


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