Accessing & Using Protected
Files – Made Easy


Browser-Based Rights Management Maximizes Adoption

Files protected with Seclore can be easily accessed and utilized by employees and external third parties alike – on a full range of devices – via a browser – making use of enterprise digital rights management a breeze.

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Step 1:
Make Authentication Easy


A robust identity federation capability enables recipients to authenticate using a wide variety of SSO, directory, and social media sources including their Google identity.

And if all else fails, Seclore has a built-in identity manager for recipients who are unable to use other methods.

Step II:
Support a Wide Range of Devices
and Operating Systems


Making it easy for recipients to utilize protected files on the device of their choice with minimal friction is the key to successful adoption of digital rights management.

The Seclore Lite product line is designed with the business user in mind, making it very easy to utilize protected documents through a browser or light-weight agent.

Designed for the power user, the Seclore Desktop Client enables protectors and recipients to take advantage of the full range of Seclore’s capabilities.

Seclore Rights Management – Products

Seclore Lite Online

A secure online viewer for accessing protected files in any browser, Seclore Lite Online offers a complete, agentless, digital rights management experience.

  • Recipients can work on any protected file in the browser
  • Can control view, edit, copy/paste
  • Secure browser container ensures protection of files
  • High-fidelity rendering of documents
  • Full audit capabilities of user actions on protected file access via browser
  • Dynamic access request capability via the browser for uninterrupted work flow
  • Supports PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, text, and image formats

Seclore Lite for Windows

A light-weight agent, Seclore Lite for Windows can be installed without any administrative privileges.

  • Installs without administrative privileges
  • Light-weight client with zero OS intrusion
  • Opens protected files in their native applications
  • Displays protected files with a customizable watermark
  • Supports all remote deployment tools
  • Supports PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, and text-based formats
  • Supports offline protected file usage

Seclore Lite for iOS and Android

Recipients can easily access protected files via their mobile devices using free apps.

  • Freely available apps for the latest versions of iOS and Android
  • Displays protected content with a customizable watermark
  • Easy-to-use interface and navigation
  • Stores a list of recently viewed files
  • Opens unprotected files too – thus eliminating the need to install multiple apps
  • Supports PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, and text-based formats

Seclore Lite for Mac

Users can now engage in secure collaboration using their Mac desktop devices.

  • Easy-to-use interface and navigation
  • Displays protected content with a customizable watermark
  • Support for PDF and MS Office formats
  • Supports offline protected file usage

Seclore Desktop Client

Our most robust client – Seclore Desktop allows the full range of document protection and usage capabilities including support for all file formats, manual protection of files, and support for all activities on protected files (where permissions have been granted).

  • Includes the entire range of Seclore capabilities
  • Can be used to manually protect files
  • Supports all (permitted) activities on protected files
  • Supports any file format
  • Supports all commonly-used applications and Windows operating system


Using Rights Management Across a Range of Devices

See how Seclore enables you to use rights management across a variety of devices with minimal effort, including a completely browser-based experience.


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Seclore Lite for Mac Datasheet + Seclore Lite for Windows
See how the lite agents makes it easy for users to quickly utilize protected files from their desktop of choice.



Seclore Lite Online
Access and utilize protected files without an agent.


Seclore Lite for Mobile
Access and utilize protected files from your iOS and Android devices.