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Looking to overcome the inherent data protection weaknesses of O365?

Seclore Rights Management seamlessly adds persistent, granular usage controls to sensitive documents created using MS Office desktop applications, as they are emailed through Exchange Online and Outlook Web, and as they are uploaded to SharePoint Online and OneDrive in 0365.

Users who have synced Seclore-protected files using OneDrive can edit and automatically save the file back to SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Seclore for O365 – Datasheet

Introducing Seclore for O365

  • Iron-Clad Rights Management for O365

    Seamlessly leverage best-in-class Seclore Rights Management so users can confidently collaborate using O365.

  • Seamless Use of Protected Files

    Users can open, edit, and automatically re-save Seclore-protected documents in the browser without downloading the document from SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

  • Seamless Identity Federation

    Employees and external users can authenticate using Enterprise MS Azure to utilize protected files.

  • One-Click Protection in Outlook

    Users can select usage rights from the Outlook ribbon with a single click to persistently protect email content and attachments.

  • Automatic Email Protection with Exchange & Exchange Online

    Seclore Email Auto-Protector for Exchange Online provides 100% automation for email security.

  • Open Approach to Data-Centric Security

    Seclore’s open Data-Centric Security Platform gives organizations the freedom to seamlessly integrate and automate processes across leading DLP, Data Classification, and Rights Management with O365.

Microsoft O365 Solutions Supported by Seclore

Exchange Online

Outlook Web Application (OWA)

Outlook Client

SharePoint Online


MS Azure Active Directory

MS Office Apps:




Seclore for O365 Demo Video

See how Seclore extends best-in-class Rights Management to the O365 platform – enabling users to:

  • Seamlessly authenticate using MS Azure
  • Easily open and edit Seclore-protected documents directly in the browser or from the desktop’s OneDrive Sync through the native application
  • Automatically re-save protected documents back to O365

See the Power of Seclore for O365 in this Six-Minute Demo Video

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